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We are access  addition to hearing the community’s perspective on problems related to healthy youth development, it is important to document the issues using existing information sources. Such information can be used to help document the level of the problem and to consider whether further action is necessary. Later, this data can be used to determine how effective your group was in addressing the problem or goal. (Note: Increased community awareness may beget changes in reporting, changes in enforcement patterns, and other activities that make it difficult to conclude that there was an effect or that observed effects were due to the initiative.)  we are show them opportunity they have as youth and they have to build world to be come a better place.  

VCDK Methods:

  • Drugs substance abuse
  • Seedling Lab
  • Job creation


It is widely acknowledged that substance abuse is one of the most critical challenges facing the world today. Many people with substance abuse problems, especially for young people and is a serious problem for  the world in general. To  removing these barriers to youth we organize special drug training for young people, parents .  we provide special treatment for drug addicts, we help them send them to care centers and self- care, we working within any organization both in the public and government sector.

  • Prevention of alcohol and drug problems affecting the workplace;
  • Identification and management of alcohol and drug issues at the earliest stage;
  • Protection of the health, safety and welfare of communities by offering training for persons with Substance Use Disorders and related problems.
  • We are going to find out what young people can do, even if they can create enough jobs for young people
  • We are empowering building capacity , mental –ship and economic empowerment

Objective of  The overall aim of the guidelines is to standardize the approach for developing an alcohol and drug abuse prevention policy to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. This will further enhance productivity and strengthen performance in the public sector, even for the youth in the community.


Individualized drug counseling only focuses on reducing or stopping illicit drug or alcohol use.we facilitate young people addicted to drugs, we sent him to rehabilitation centre  that help them return to normal life social and physical consequences for purposes of reintegration back into workplace and the society.


Seedling Lab is our program help as to access young people developing out of they talent from a seed. Seedling development starts with germination of the talent. this program that provides a platform for young people to express their potential in the community, and is a way to encourage young people, especially young girls, their not to be afraid of any  talent they may have in order to help them improve their skills.

framework for:

in order to help them have the courage and self-determination of their talents, we organize various trainings on the program we have, and organize conversations between those who are able to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true by connecting them with the youth and advising them and making sure that everything is possible.

We are promoting:

  • Readership
  • Enovation
  • Young generations
  • Media
  • Economic empowerment
  • Mental –ship , capacity building
  • Sport
  • Environment

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