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We are an organization tailored to empower society and transform lives. We believe in making society a better place for everyone, we strongly advocate for social inclusion and stand for the Human rights of the general community. We believe in achieving a community that is empowered Economically, socially and politically. We are well known for our core responsibility which is to enable people living with disabilities to live a positive and productive life by training them to be independent in social-economic activities. One of our core missions has been to change the perception of persons with disabilities and push for inclusion and integration.  

Our Centre is located in a pre-urban setup and with time, we have identified the need to address other societal issues that have become extreme. This prompted us to develop more programs to address some of these issues, our program’s beneficiaries or rather target groups are mostly persons with disabilities, women and young women, youths, and children. We actively engage in the advocacy of and promotion of better living for these particular target groups . Our programs have been developed on a need arising basis, through thorough research of the programs or projects ensuring they meet a specific issue, and have a long-term impact on the beneficiaries.

Some of these programs include CBR, Women and young girls, Youth, Health, Empowerment, Social Support Education, and Livelihood. VCDK mostly works directly with the beneficiaries, our center enables us to identify and group the beneficiaries, Vision Centre also provides the right resources and referrals to those seeking assistance in areas that we do not actively engage in. 

We strongly believe the partnership would be a great boost towards the realization of a community/society that is healthy and empowered socially, politically, economically. 

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