Ability Beyond Disability



It is an accessible  Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) to the community  which ensure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as all other community members. This includes; equal access to health care, education, skills training, employment, family life, social mobility and political empowerment. We conduct rehabilitation care that can help you get back, keep or improve abilities that you need for daily life. These disabilities may be physical, mental and cognitive (thinking and learning), this may occur due to a disease, injury or as a side effect from a medical treatment.  we believe that living with a disability will play a key role in transforming the world into a better place.

VCDK Methods of a working plan on  CBR

  • Meeting basic needs.
  • Building capacity.
  • Creating opportunities for livelihood, health, rehabilitation and education.
  • Collaborating across sectors that involve the whole community.
  • Involving local government and leaders.
  • Using the legislation, judicial and political systems.

Components and elements


  • Health care and needs of people with disability are often the same as those of non-disabled people – needing and entitled to the same range of treatments – particularly those not related to their impairment.
  • An emphasis on the relevant settings, not only health and rehabilitation but also school, home, social and work.
  • “Community” and “referral” level.
  • Disability should not be seen as medical issue but as a wider social context.



  • Access to information and promotion of personal and public health.
  • Promotion of knowledge on health and staying healthy.
  • Health of personal assistants, parents and siblings of children with disabilities.
  • Healthy environment.
  • Recognition of people with disabilities as a peer resource.



  • Health care for people with disabilities [e.g. flu, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS]
  • Referral to specialized services.
  • Corrective surgery and medical intervention.             



  • Daily living skills impartation.
  • Therapeutic intervention.
  • Referral to specialised services.
  • Family and community support.
  • Return to work programmes.

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